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Experiencing a faulty computer or a malfunctioning phone? Well, not to worry. Advanced Computers Resources offers one of the best Smartphone and Tablet repair services and other gadgets. We are a trusted cell phone repair shop in Fontana that provides its customers with one of the fastest and most reliable repair services. With a team of technicians with years of experience making them quick, we provide the most satisfying results. If you want to repair your phone, tablet, PC, laptop, or game console, then Advanced Computers is the right place for you. 

If you shattered your phone’s screen, then let our experts handle it. We will provide you with excellent service on time, and our repair services are affordable. 

SmartPhone Repair Services Fontana

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Fast & Affordable - Smartphone and Tablet Repair Services In Fontana

Electronic gadgets must be looked after with a lot of care to work efficiently. Just because your laptop or PC has slowed down and isn’t working properly, doesn’t mean you should instantly start looking for a new one. Our cell phone repair shop offers you one of the best repair services that are quick and affordable. If you accidentally shattered your phone’s screen and want an affordable emergency phone repair shop near you in Fontana, Advanced Computers Resources is the right place for you. 

Not only cellphones, though, our repair services include PC & Laptop repair, game console repair, tablet repair, micro soldering, and custom gaming desktops. Our technicians train regularly to stay updated with all the technological issues, enabling them to provide quick cellular repair solutions. 

  • Fast Cellphone Repair Service We are one of the fastest cell phone repair shops that provide you with quick solutions for your cellular problems without compromising on the quality. Whether it’s touch issues, battery issues, screen replacement, or data recovery, we have it all covered                                                                                                 
  • Trained Professionals Our experienced technicians are both trustworthy and professional, ensuring that every concern of yours is addressed and resolved on time. Whether it’s a cracked phone screen that needs repairing or your malfunctioning Laptop, our technicians will fix it

    In certain cases, your device might need replacements to get the best results. We deal in high-quality parts for devices that will run longer and give you the best experience with your device

  • Quality Replacement Parts In certain cases, your device might need replacements to get the best results. We deal in high-quality parts for devices that will run longer and give you the best experience with your device.

  • Affordable Repair Services  Advanced Computers Resources provides one of the highest quality repairing services at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for your phone, laptop, or PC repair, you can get that by staying within a budget 

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Got my iPhone fixed best
Kurt Beu
Kurt Beu
I would like to say thank you again ACR for the services provided. I am a local business owner that relies on these guys more than a few times every year...for various repairs. I suggest them to all of my customers as well and have always received reports of excellent results. Just went back today. Another positive experience with results that you can count on.
Putther Jr.
Putther Jr.
Maximilian E Li
Maximilian E Li
They help me to fix the disk drive of my PS4 PRO. They told me what the problem was, and how much would that be cost before fix it. Less than 100 bucks, completed in the same day, with 90 days warranty. Good deal. Trustworthy business. Thank you for your great service.