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Looking for the best game console repair service in Fontana? We’ve got good news for you! At Advanced Computers Resources, we excel at fixing your ailing game console’s repair issues in a little time. Whether your game console needs a thorough hardware replacement or a quick battery fix, we’ve got you covered. We perform the tasks with great skill and ease, which makes our diagnosis time minimal. Thanks to experience, we can also get the job done in a little while.

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Merging Efficiency With Reliability for Game Console Repairs | Fontana

What makes us your finest fine is rather simple: our efficiency and reliability. No matter the brand and model of your console, if there’s a problem with it, we can fix it. You don’t even have the word about getting repairs every two days. At Advanced Computers Resources, we strive to maintain our standard of reliability by providing durable, quick, and top-notch repair services for your ailing game console. So if you want to give a new life to your game console, feel free to contact us!


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Kurt Beu
Kurt Beu
I would like to say thank you again ACR for the services provided. I am a local business owner that relies on these guys more than a few times every year...for various repairs. I suggest them to all of my customers as well and have always received reports of excellent results. Just went back today. Another positive experience with results that you can count on.
Putther Jr.
Putther Jr.
Maximilian E Li
Maximilian E Li
They help me to fix the disk drive of my PS4 PRO. They told me what the problem was, and how much would that be cost before fix it. Less than 100 bucks, completed in the same day, with 90 days warranty. Good deal. Trustworthy business. Thank you for your great service.

The Perks of Contacting Us

In a nutshell, we can fix nearly everything in an ailing game console, and here are some of the perks we can guarantee you:

A Fix for All Hardware Issues

Broken buttons? Charging port not working? A reliable hardware replacement is all you need, and we can provide you with that. 

Reliable Software Fix

If your game console has corrupted software or a virus, or it freezes now and then, we can remove it for you. You don’t have to get a new game console just yet!

Option to Upgrade

If you’re tired of your faulty game console, feel free to visit our store in Fontana and get a durable upgrade!

Fast Repairs

Over 99% of the time, we can diagnose the problem of your game console and repair it too on the same. In some cases, it may take longer; however, nothing has ever gone unfixed.

Zero Counterfeits

We know the market is filled with counterfeits that do not serve your game console well in the long run. You can count on us to provide you only with authentic and original parts for hardware replacement.

Free Estimates!

Yes, you got that right! No charge for estimates at all. You can bring your game console to us and let our experts examine it and determine what’s causing it to malfunction. No charges for this!

Professional Technicians

It is time to sit back and relax because your game console will be in good hands. Our repair staff is certified, trained, and experienced. You can count on them to take good care of your game console!